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Does my wax need to be softened before it can be removed?

We recommend using olive oil for five days prior to having wax removed from your ears.

Won't using a wax softener make my hearing worse not better?

In most instances using wax softening drops will cause the wax to swell and block your ears more than before. This is unfortunate but necessary to enable the wax to be removed safely and comfortably.

Does wax removal hurt?

Wax removal by microsuction or manual instruments should not be painful. If you do feel any pain during your appointment you should let us know as this is an indication that the wax needs to be softened further.

What can I do to stop the wax from building up again?

Leave your ears alone. Wax is only produced in the outermost part of your ear canal. If you use cotton buds you will probably push any wax further into your ear. There is no evidence that regular use of wax softening drops prevents wax from building up. We recommend using drops only to soften the wax for five days prior to having it removed professionally.

What happens if the wax can't be removed?

Sometimes ear wax is too hard to remove in one appointment. If this happens, you will be recommended to continue to soften the wax and another appointment will be arranged to remove the rest of the ear wax. There will be no charge for this additional appointment.

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